WordPress Modal using GenerateBlocks

WordPress Modal using GenerateBlocks

Build a fast loading WordPress modal popup using GenerateBlocks Container and Button blocks. The modal is easy to edit, responsive, accessible and visually appealing. You can set one up in just 5 mins!

Web design

Cheap Web Design Packages

While a cheap web design package may save you money upfront, long-term it may not be up to par with your competitors. In addition, a poorly designed website can reflect negatively on your company, which can ultimately lead to lost business.

Outlook Calendar - See what time it is in London or New York when you book your meeting in Melbourne, Australia

Display multiple time zones in Outlook calendar

I set up my Microsoft 365 Outlook Calendar to display multiple time zones. This quick tip helps me check at a glance what time it is in London or New York when I book my meeting in Melbourne, Australia.

How to create a Table Of Contents (TOC) in WordPress with or without plugin

How to create a Table Of Contents (TOC) in WordPress with/without plugin

A Table Of Contents (TOC) helps your readers jump to different sections of a long page/post. Label each section of your content with a heading, and provide jump links to these headings. Creating a table of contents in WordPress is easy; let me show you how you can add a TOC using plugins and manually (without any code).

WooCommerce - the best open source eCommerce platform to power your online shop

WooCommerce – set up a Free eCommerce store

WooCommerce – the best open source eCommerce platform to power your online shop. Sell digital/downloadable products, subscriptions or ship physical goods and manage your inventory all in one simple easy to use interface.

Add code to your theme to display meta description using post excerpt

SEO without plugins

You don’t need the bloated functionality of SEO plugins that slow down your site. Make your site SEO friendly using GeneratePress Elements.

dl accordion - Animated accordion without jQuery (Just 1kb)

Animated accordion without jQuery (Just 1kb)

Build a simple accordion using minimal markup, some CSS and JavaScript. There is no need to load jQuery UI or jQuery (no bloat). Convert a simple definition list or details/summary into a show/hide animated accordion by just adding a class accordion. You could build Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that show/hide answers when you click on the question.

Jitsi - Secure and Free Video Conferencing

Jitsi – Secure, Free Video Conferencing

Jitsi is a secure and free video conferencing platform that provides a reliable solution for individuals and organisations looking for a safe and privacy-focused way to connect online. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing has become a … Read more

Yoast FAQ Accordion Animated - Yoast SEO - FAQ Accordion Plugin - show/hide answers (2 mins)

Yoast SEO – FAQ Accordion Plugin – show/hide answers (2 mins)

Use this free plugin to build an awesome interactive FAQ page using Yoast FAQ block. The FAQs will display as an interactive accordion (collapsible content). The answers can be shown/hidden by clicking on the questions. The best part is that Google may decide to show your FAQs on the search page itself leading to a higher click-through rate, giving you the competitive edge against your rivals.

video backgrounds - Video Backgrounds for WordPress Page or Post using GeneratePress

Video Backgrounds for WordPress Page or Post using GeneratePress

A video background is an appealing design aesthetic and a great way to showcase your services, facilities or skills. Adding a background video to our Page or Post Hero is super easy. Using GeneratePress Elements, we just need to upload the video to media library and add some HTML and CSS into the content area.

yoast faq default - How to add FAQ page in WordPress

How to add FAQ page in WordPress

Learn how to add FAQ page in WordPress using a free and easy to use plugin. Also add structured data (FAQ schema) to improve SEO without code.

Cmparing the old Classic TinyMCE editor with Gutenberg the new block based editor in WordPress

Does the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) slow down my site?

I did some tests to see if the new block editor (Gutenberg) slow down my site. I noticed less than half-a-second difference in page speed between the classic and block editors. For this minute difference, you gain a lot of control over layout and design of your page/post content. You are more likely to slow down your site if you add unnecessary plugins to add features that you may hardly use or need.

WordPress SEO

Yoast – SEO for everyone

Yoast is the #1 WordPress SEO plugin with over 25,000 Reviews and 5+ million installs Why Yoast? What does it do? Yoast is the most comprehensive search engine optimization software available for WordPress users, with its developers responsible for over … Read more

Astra - Fastest Growing Theme of All Time

Astra – Fastest Growing Theme of All Time

Join 1,600,000+ users who build awesome websites with Astra. Why do I recommend Astra? It is the best free WordPress theme! At under $60, Astra Pro is Simply Unbeatable Value. Customise Without Code​ Astra is fully customizable & suitable for … Read more


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