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Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want.

Web Design Packages

Save $$$ – Best bang for your buck!

Create unlimited pages, blog articles or eCommerce products.

Package StandardPremiumeCommerce
Suitable forSmall business siteLarge Business SiteOnline store to sell products
No of pages3 pages and 2 articles10 pages and 5 articles10 pages, 5 articles and 10 products
ContentYou provide contentYou provide contentYou provide content
Revisions 1 Revision 3 Revisions 5 revisions
TrainingNo training1 hour of training3 hours of training

What’s included?

  1. All our sites are powered by WordPress, an awesome Content Management System (CMS).
  2. All our sites are custom designed and optimised to load fast.
  3. All packages include a simple contact form and basic SEO. 

Optional extras

Contact me to discuss any additional needs or optional extras

  • Publish Extra pages, blog articles or products – The number of pages that we will pre-populate and build are mentioned in the package.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: For a small Annual Fee we can maintain your website and handle WordPress and Plugin upgrades, backups etc.
  • Training/Support: Additional training can be arranged.
  • Content: You are expected to provide website content (text), photos and logo. We can write content, design logos or source images for a free.
  • Support: Want us to Edit or publish your content
  • Extra Functionality such as:
    • complex forms
    • custom content types (see what’s possible below)
    • Social Media integration
    • Google Analytics
    • Local SEO (Google Search Console)
    • Email Marketing/News Letter Service Integration
  • Advanced SEO Services

It’s easy to add new content after launch to grow your website to have as many pages, blog articles or products as you wish.

What’s possible?

As illustrated below, WordPress sites allow you to create and manage content of many types such as Pages, Posts, Forms and FAQs (illustrated below and many more) with ease.

WordPress Content Types

Our simple 5 step process


Let’s work together to document your requirements to create a roadmap for a successful project.


We will prototype and design a beautiful site to suit your needs.


We will use robust themes, lightweight code, minimal plugins and latest tech standards to ensure site loads fast.


Once you approve, let’s add content and make the site live.


Throughout this process, we shall solicit feedback to continue improving the site.

Let’s get started to make you an awesome site!