Custom WordPress Development

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Custom WordPress Development

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Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want.

What’s possible?

As illustrated below, WordPress sites allow you to create and manage content of many types such as Pages, Posts, Forms and FAQs (illustrated below and many more) with ease.

WordPress Content Types

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WordPress Guide

I train my clients on how to use their websites. Further, I have published a simple, easy to read WordPress manual that will guide them through the process of editing and maintaining thier site content. Click here to view my WordPress Guide

My simple 5 step process


Let’s work together to document your requirements to create a roadmap for a successful project.


We will prototype and design a beautiful site to suit your needs.


We will use robust themes, lightweight code, minimal plugins and latest tech standards to ensure site loads fast.


Once you approve, let’s add content and make the site live.


Throughout this process, we shall solicit feedback to continue improving the site.

Let’s get started to make you an awesome site!

Some recent WordPress tips and tricks

The post

Custom WordPress Development

first appeared on VJ Design.

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