Secure and backed up

All our sites are secure and backed up regularly. Security is not just about eliminating risk, it’s also about reducing risk.

  1. Keep WordPress Updated – For all sites that we manage, we ensure that WordPress and any plugins we use are kept up-to-date. Our themes are built to latest standards and constantly updated.
  2. Strong Passwords and User Permissions – we use and encourage strong passwords and restrict admin roles to just 1 or 2 users.
  3. Managed WordPress hosting – we use and recommend SiteGround – they specialise in WordPress hosting and are very popular.
  4. WordPress Backup Solution – we install and manage backup plugin to help restore your site if there are any issues.
  5. Security Plugins – file integrity monitoring, failed login attempts, malware scanning as well as limiting login attempts as well as preventing spam comments


By Ethelcline (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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